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Commercialising the Agro-Industrial Sector Through a Youth Driven Approach

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  • Youth Agribusiness Training and Networking Seminar
  • Youth in Agribusiness Trade Fair Centre
  • Agro-processing Innovation Program
  • Agribusiness Market Directory



Associated center for agro-based development (ACADES) is a membership based association of youth in agribusiness registered with the government of Malawi under the Trustees Incorporations Act. The association was established with the aim of promoting youth growth and development in agribusiness through skills development, empowerment, capacity building, resource mobilization, networking and policy more



Lilongwe Horticulture Induction Workshop

Youth Cooperatives


In 2015 ACADES launched an Agribusiness Innovation Programwhich centers on the establishment of Youth Agribusiness Cooperatives across Malawi.


The program aims at commercializing the agriculture sector through a youth driven and group action approach. The program aims at establishing a cooperative in each of the 28 districts of Malawi by 2025 and the cooperatives.. Read more

Youth Agribusiness Clubs

Through the “Tools for Agribusiness Program” ACADES empowers the youth in agribusiness through the establishment of Rural Youth Agribusiness Clubs. The organization currently has 56 Youth Agribusiness Clubs in Lilongwe, Dowa and Dedza. The clubs works towards enhancing the productivity of high quality agriculture products for the targeted markets through the provision of input loans, Read more

Tidziwane Youth Agribusiness Club in Msundwe, Lilongwe)

Recent Activities

  • Youth Agribusiness Clubs
  • Horticulture Induction Workshop
  • In July 2016 ACADES signed a partnership agreement with St Paul’s Agriculture Training Center.
  • ACADES joined fellow stakeholder from 28 February to 2 March at Malawi Sun Hotel during the Forum for Extension on Climate Smart Agriculture.
  • Best Business Plan Awards
  • AFFRRICCO Network

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