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ACADES provides information pertaining to the existing opportunities in agribusiness for the youth through production “Agribusiness Guides”. ACADES produces e-manuals, video and audio recordings on various aspects of agribusiness. Through regular market research, we also provide regular and updated market information which includes the available markets for agriculture products and current prices for various agriculture products.

Commercialising the Agro-Industrial Sector Through a Youth Driven Approach

Small and Medium Scale Irrigation

youth and youth clubs under a soft loan arrangement. The equipment includes motorized Water Pumps and Irrigation Pipes. ACADES further support youth and youth clubs in developing, designing, establishing and installing small scale irrigation systems.

ACADES promotes the development of small and medium scale irrigation systems with the aim of enhancing the productivity of youth in agribusiness and mitigating the impacts of climate change. The organization provides small and medium scale irrigation equipment to

Access to Markets

Youth Cooperatives


In 2015 ACADES launched an Agribusiness Innovation Program which centers on the establishment of Youth Agribusiness Cooperatives across Malawi. The program aims at commercializing the agriculture sector through a youth driven and group action approach. The program aims at establishing a cooperative in each of the 28 districts of Malawi by 2025 and the cooperatives will include (a) Horticulture Cooperative, Livestock Cooperative and Legume/Cereal Cooperative. It is designed that each cooperative will be involved in carrying various activities within the respective agriculture value chain from primary production to agro-processing/value addition.


We facilitate access to markets by linking youth to various markets outlet. ACADES works in collaboration with different market outlets and buyers of agriculture products such as processing companies, retail shops, hotels and schools. We also conduct frequent market research and provide relevant market information to our beneficiaries.

ACADES provides various agribusiness trainings and mentorship programs to youth clubs and associations with the aim of boosting their capacity in growing successful and growth oriented agribusiness enterprises. The organization also conducts training of trainers for local youth organizations with the aim of enhancing their capacity in mainstreaming agribusiness into various youth empowerment programs.

Youth Agribusiness Clubs

Skills Development

Through the “Tools for Agribusiness Program” ACADES empowers the youth in agribusiness through the establishment of Rural Youth Agribusiness Clubs. The organization currently has 56 Youth Agribusiness Clubs in Lilongwe, Dowa and Dedza. The clubs works towards enhancing the productivity of high quality agriculture products for the targeted markets through the provision of input loans, provision of intensive agribusiness trainings and facilitating access to markets. The agribusiness clubs are currently producing horticulture products, legumes and livestock.

ACADES in partnership with FISD Fund has launched an Agribusiness Loan Program for young professionals in agribusiness. The program aims to support young graduates from public and private universities/college in establishing and growing successful agribusiness enterprises. The program provides a loan up to MK500, 000 to young professionals in agribusiness with the aim of tapping from their potentials to accelerate agriculture development.

Access to Financing

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